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People often ask what turns a nice photograph into an amazing image? The answer is simple - the photographer!


Mike started out drawing and painting as a teenager. Specialising in detailed true to life art he sold his work through local art shops and by commission alongside his 'day' job in finance for more than 15 years until the 'day job' and the addition of a family  ate into his available time to paint and draw. 


Always a keen photographer and short on free time Mike turned his artists' eye to creating stunning images when he purchased his first Canon Digital SLR camera in 2008. Since then he has created many 000s of images for people to enjoy in many forms. 


Mike loves the challenge of finding exactly the right light and atmosphere and will go to great lengths braving weather, wildlife and lack of sleep in his quest for the perfect shot.

Mikes activity and delivery process has been simplified since his terminal cancer diagnosis.  His focus is now on providing his photography images solely on canvas prints AT COST PRICE, as a mechanism to raise funds for Prostate Cancer related charities through additional donations.  

He is still happy to consider commercial / motorsport and other commissions for his work depending on his Cancer treatment regime at the time. 


Mike is on social media too take a look at his Facebook page to see what he's up to or follow him on Twitter and Instgram.

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